Buyer Intake Questionnaire: Lecture 6

Buyer Intake Form

When you first meet with a prospective buyer face to face, called a buyer intake meeting, you will use a buyer intake form. It allows you to screen them, educate them, set their expectations, and get interviewed by them all at the same time. If you have already talked to them extensively on the phone, you may have some of the form already completed in advance of the intake appointment.

This is not an official legal form created by the REALTOR® Association. Instead this is a form created by you to get all the information from a buyer during the intake meeting.

Questions on the intake form include:

●    What price range are they looking in?

●    Are they approved with a reputable mortgage lender?

●    What is their credit like?

●    How much down payment do they have?

●    What type of house, neighborhood, and other criteria are they searching for?

●    Which features and amenities are important to them? [Pause]

Answer their most common questions. It’s your opportunity to shine as the expert. Build their confidence in you as their agent by answering their questions and having the industry knowledge.