About Buyer Agents: Lecture 4

About Buyer Agents

It’s really important to be skilled and feel confident that you’re doing a great job representing your buyers. It is also important your buyers feel obligated to you and loyal to you after all the work that you’re doing for them.

In the later courses we are going to focus on activities that close transactions. Getting buyer leads is worthless if you don’t follow up. You will meet with them, get them qualified, and show them properties. The most important activities that close transactions are showing homes and writing offers which is covered in the House Shopping and Writing Offers course.

It is great to get buyers who trust you, show them houses, help them select the ideal home for their family. You get to help them negotiate the right offer and then hand them the keys to their brand new house.

Sellers control the market but buyers control the transaction. We will show you how to take a buyer from a lead calling you on the phone all the way through to the closed transaction

Here are the high level steps of being buyer’s agent that we will cover in this course:

● Sign a Buyer Representation Agreement

● Review the property data submitted

● Research as needed

● Review offer terms/price with buyer

● Write your purchase offer

● Get signatures on your PO (Purchase Offer)

● Present your purchase offer to the seller and the seller’s agent

● Receive and upload a signed purchase offer

● Track the transaction documents online (your TC will help you complete all documents required and communicate with the seller’s agent)

● Have physical inspection of the property

● Coordinate with escrow

● Before close of escrow, ensure that property is vacated and in good condition.

● Verify the escrow docs and the closing statements.

● Receive compensation — that’s the good part: the payday

● Ensure the key gets to the buyer [Pause]